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The Non-Parent Trap at Fertility Fest 2019
11:30 AM11:30

The Non-Parent Trap at Fertility Fest 2019

The Non-Parent Trap will be appearing as part of Fertility Fest 2019 as part of their strand…

What Comes First: the Career or the Egg?

Are in your twenties or thirties? Wondering whether to parent or not to parent? Juggling a career and paying the rent with meeting a partner and thoughts of having a family? Are you thinking about freezing your eggs or even going it alone? This day is for you.

In a world where Mumsnet can influence general elections and tabloid magazines conjure celebrity pregnancies out of post-dinner bloats, every woman's reproductive status seems to have become public property.

  • Theatre-makers Anna Bliss Scully and Nina Davis present an extract from their show, The Non-Parent Trap, that considers our modern obsession with procreation.

  • Followed by Paula Varjack, Catriona James and Luca Rutherford’s The Baby Question, a new play in development that fuses personal stories and pop culture to amplify the narratives of the childless/childfree/child-full woman!

 The artists will be joined on stage for a discussion and Q&A with academic and artist Dr Eirini Karstake from the University of Essex and Tracey Sainsbury, Senior Counsellor at the London’s Women Clinic. Chaired by Maddie Costa, Writer and Reviewer

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